Powerful compositions, brilliant colours, deep blacks

A photograph of Ruden Riemens impresses, it catches the eye. He works close to home in Zeeland (the Netherlands) and far away. From France till deep into Africa. His work is internationally recognized and has a wide range of devotees: individuals or companies who recognize the effect of good photography.

Ruden Riemens (1963) is an absolute professional with thirty years of experience, driven, passionate and without compromises when it is about quality. He provides his clients with the finest images, ranging from landscapes in Zeeland and portraits till artistic studio work.

Besides commissioned work Ruden Riemens manufactures characteristic and sometimes even talked-about work. In the meantime he has a big photo archive. His work can be seen by appointment in his gallery at the Korendijk in Middelburg. Besides his own work he administers the estate of his father Wim Riemens (1933 – 1995). Hereby the collection implies the photographed era of more than half a century with a thread of living, working and life in Zeeland.

Interested? Meet Ruden Riemens, view his collection and discuss with him a possible purchase or assignment.